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A GPS device is valid for more things that guiding you when you want to drive towards a certain place. For example it can be the perfect partner when you go on an adventure and you want to save your routes. The main problem of these devices is that there are many different route formats and each device uses a different one, so when you want to share your routes or a friends send you his latest route, it doesn't work on your GPS.

You can solve that problem using RouteConverter, a GPS route format converter that supports all formats: WPR, TRL, TRP, TOUR, WPT, XCVS, KML, KMZ, XML, TRK, WPT and much more.

It is very easy to use, you onlyhave to load the original file and choose the output format, RouteConverter will do the rest and you'll have your route converted within some seconds.

Finally, not only does RouteConverter convert the format of the routes but it also allows you to visualize and modify them. If you have a GPS, your friends too and they don't share the same format of routes, this program will be perfect for you.
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